Timetable for classes

Yoga Marlborough Kundalini Yoga Classes in 2021

Classes are run in blocks and are limited to 9 students.

Kundalini Yoga uses techniques such as breathing, movement, mudras, meditation, relaxation and sound to draw your focus inward and awaken your self awareness and true potential. The class environment is very cosy and the practice allows you to participate at your own pace and level, and in your own time.

Kundalini Yoga Classes: 90 min weekly group classes (6pm to 7:30pm) run as a series/block of consecutive classes:

Autumn Series: Thu 13 May to Thu 3 June 2021 (4 classes) $80

Winter 1 Series: Thu 10 & 17 June and 1 & 8 July 2021 (4 classes) $80

Winter 2 Series: Two times available:

Wed 4 August to Wed 25 August 6:30-8pm ( 4 classes) $80

Thu 5 August to Thu 26 August 2021 ( 4 classes) $80

Spring 1 Series: Thu 9 September to Thu 30 September 2021 (4 classes) $80

Drop in/casual class (when available) $25 .

Payment is necessary before classes start to hold your place and is non transferable, and non refundable.

Group Breathing/Pranayama Classes

Do you want to learn how to develop your own meditation practice? Join this class to focus on your meditative breath and understand the meaning of accepting things as they are.

These classes will explain mechanics of breathing in simple terms that are easy to understand. You will learn how to breathe better, and you will learn why this is beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing. You will also learn some simple breathing techniques that are easy to keep using on a daily basis.

This will be a one hour introduction to the art and science of yoga breathing. This class will help you understand and improve the way you breathe, and you will learn some breath techniques you can continue to use in your regular meditation, yoga, and relaxation practices. It is recommended to do a breathing class prior to joining a private or group yoga class.

I have a free Breathing Class this week on Friday 27th at 5pm (NZ time) on Zoom, click below to sign up and I’ll email out a zoom link before class.


Group Yoga Classes (Kundalini Yoga)

Are you looking for a spiritual practice as well as one with a physical and mental focus? These benefits make this group kundalini yoga class a great option for both beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners.

Kundalini Yoga uses techniques such as breathing, movement, meditation, relaxation and sound to draw your focus inward and awaken your self awareness and true potential. The class environment is very cosy and the practice allows you to participate at your own pace and level, and in your own time.

Next group class series starts in September 2021 but dates and class sizes will be updated once the New Zealand lockdown situation is clearer. Feel free to email interest to Nicky.

Private Breathing Classes

Would you like to improve the way you breathe and clear your mind? In this private class, you will be gently guided to understand the ways your thoughts and breath are interlaced.

Once you learn how to control your breathing, you will be able to slow down, take charge of your mind, and draw yourself into the present moment.

If you’re new to breathing practice and feel slightly nervous at the prospect of joining a group class or if you simply want to deepen your existing breathing practice with some one-on-one support, a private breathing class is definitely for you!

Breathing Workshop for your staff or team

Do you want to enhance your employees well-being in the workplace? This workshop will be a great addition to your health and safety programme.

I’m sure you know that your best asset at your workplace are your employees, and you know you need to look after them in order to keep your company afloat!

After learning the correct ways to breathe, your employees will know how to manage daily stress with their breath and will be more focused and efficient with the work they do for you.

After the first workshop, attendees will have learnt:

  • how to take a full and complete breath
  • how to recognise and correct negative breathing patterns
  • how to prepare for practice
  • how to combine conscious breath with conscious movement and intention
  • the link between the way you breathe and your mental state
  • clear guidelines for self-practice

Private Yoga Classes

Are you needing some one-on-one support to work your way towards holistic wellness? In a private yoga session you will get lifestyle coaching as well as a personal yoga and breathing plan.

You will be empowered to create your own daily yoga and meditation practice and will work with Nicky to address your current habits. After working with Nicky,  you will be able to make the positive changes that are needed in order for you to live your life as the highest version of yourself.

Nicky introduced me to her breathing techniques while I was pregnant and arranged a 1-1 session for me. I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial this has been through pregnancy, labour and even during post-partum. Nicky really adapted her techniques to my specific needs at the time and gave me a daily breathing plan which allowed me to relax and take myself in a safe place. It helped me having an enjoyable and serene first pregnancy experience while working in a stressful job until my baby arrived. It also truly made a difference during labour. Indeed a regular practice of my customised breathing plan enhanced my focus capacity and allowed me to have the most perfect labour journey, naturally while managing contractions in a serene way. Now in post-partum, it helps me dealing with the mental and physical challenges of post-partum and the life changes of maternity. I am sure it helps me finding the better version of myself for these first weeks with my baby. Thank you for your unconditional support Nicky, I am very grateful