Breathing workshops

Improving your breathing is the key to managing your thoughts and increasing vitality

Breathing Workshops

This class is designed to help you understand and improve the way you breathe and how that influences your thoughts and self control. You will learn some useful and simple techniques that you can continue to use in your daily life. Run at our Witherlea clinic by arrangement.

In-Business Breathing Workshops

These workshops can be held in-house in a meeting room or similar. Designed to help attendees breathe better – more slowly and more deeply and in a way that will help them to be more relaxed yet more attentive and focussed. This helps to manage stress and improve effectiveness on the job. A great addition to your health and safety program.

Pranayama/Meditation Classes

These class series are designed to cover the fundamentals of breath-work starting with the mechanics of breath and gradually introducing a range of Pranayama techniques, using breath to control and regulate Prana (Life). Learn how to use these tools to develop your own meditation practice, to improve your concentration and focus, and to understand the meaning of accepting things they way they are.