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An oasis of Breathing Workshops and Yoga Classes online or right here in Blenheim, Marlborough



Are you ready to breathe your stress and anxiety away?

Are you looking for a holistic practice to support better physical health, mental clarity, and emotional wellbeing?

You may be taking your breathing for granted, unaware just how important it is to breathe properly. Maybe you’re suffering from anxiety, or other disturbances affecting your sleep, energy and focus. Perhaps you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt-out. Or looking for more calmness, connection, and meaning in your life.

Don’t worry – you can take control of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through the effortless form of your breath and with intentional relaxation, meditation, and movement.

Whatever your situation in life, you need the space to be who you truly are, to take time for deep rest and contemplation, and to evaluate your life’s purpose and the impact you want to have in your family and community.

I’m Nicky Hewett and I am a Breathing and Wellbeing Coach and teacher of Yoga and Classical Ayurveda.
I offer a spiritual yoga practice using breathing, chanting, movement, meditation, and relaxation, providing a supportive, safe, and nurturing space for those looking for a better quality of life and personal growth.
Join me in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand or Online for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes, Buteyko Method Breathing courses, and tailored 1:1 or workplace programs.