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Breathing Workshops for you and your Team

Do you want to support and enhance your employees well-being? High performing companies understand the value and importance of their people, and how their health and positivity improves creativity, productivity, and staff retention.

Life and work is busy for everyone. Whilst we can’t always remove these demands, we can improve the way we experience and manage them.

A significant percentage of the population have some form of breathing dysfunction that is adversely impacting their physical and mental health. We can all learn to breathe better.

For example, 75% of people experiencing anxiety have been shown to have breathing dysfunction and 50% of those with back problems also have breathing dysfunction.

Studies indicate that 1 billion people in the world experience sleep apnoea (where breathing completely or partially ceases for periods of time during sleep) drastically affecting sleep quality and health. When we don’t sleep well we are tired. We simply can’t perform at our best or learn easily. This is affecting children and adults everywhere and has significant impacts on workplace productivity.

Nicky uses her many years of teaching Breathing in different settings, combining traditional wisdom with the more modern Buteyko Breathing Method to introduce simple techniques that are practical, effective, and potentially life changing.

Breathing affects everything. Our physiology, our psychology, our focus, sleep, attention span, fitness, capacity to handle stress, energy, and appreciation of life.

We breathe around 25,000 times a day! The breath is our first and most important source of nutrition. It is the main way we eliminate waste and fat from our bodies. It is intimately inter-connected with our thoughts and ability to think clearly and be creative.

Improving our unconscious breathing pattern is the single most effective thing we can do to regulate our nervous system, improve our health, and optimise our potential for happiness and success in our lives.

Some of the benefits of breathing better include:

  • Stress relief and prevention/recovery from burn-out
  • Improved immunity and better resistance to illness
  • Deeper more restorative sleep. Improvement in sleep related breathing dysfunction (insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea)
  • Worrying less and being less reactive and anxious
  • More productive and relaxed at work – improving our focus, concentration and ability to hold our attention of what we want to accomplish
  • Increased energy and better fitness
  • Helping to manage and alleviate a range of chronic conditions. Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, panic disorder, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved cardiovascular health. Better blood flow and oxygenation and improved HRV (heart rate variability)
  • More relaxed and accepting. Improved interpersonal relationships and self awareness.
  • Better at problem solving and turning set backs into opportunities
  • Improved digestion
  • Lower stress levels generally helping to improve higher cognitive functioning and improving our appreciation of life

The program for your workplace or for your community group can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. It can be a single awareness building talk or a more in-depth practical workshop. Or it can be a series of two or more sessions to allow those attending the opportunity to really practice and make the long term permanent change that will most impact their physical and emotional health.

It’s a win-win for employers. It positively impacts your employees capacity and at the same time it supports their entire life and flows on to impact their families and communities, giving them tools not just for their own self regulation, but to also be better leaders and role models to those they manage or care for.

A simple assessment tool is used so each participant is able to be advised on the best practices to implement that will be most suited to their current and evolving needs. Handouts with a focus on the most relevant area of difficulty for them are provided for additional reading and practices (eg respiratory disorders, sleep related problems, or stress/anxiety/trauma related issues).

Relaxation practices are also taught.

Everyone can benefit from better breathing.

Talks and workshops can also be arranged online if this works better for your team.

Sessions can also be arranged 1:1 for individuals dealing with specific issues in an EAP type arrangement (typically 1 to 3 or more sessions). Nicky has worked with clients dealing with grief, anger, high stress, surgery and recovery from surgery or injury, racing minds etc. as well as those more motivated by fitness and performance and for those wishing to develop a more meditative state of mind using their breath for personal growth and greater self-awareness.

In this video Nicky discusses some of the benefits of having a Team Breathing Workshop.

Give Nicky a call on +64 21 0259 2428 to discuss your needs and also if you have a community group, sports team or similar that would like to improve the way they breathe and manage their energy and mental state. It will be my great pleasure to support you.