Team Breathing/Meditation/Yoga Workshops

Do you want to support and enhance your employees well-being? High performing companies understand the value and importance of their people, and how their health and positivity improves creativity, productivity, and staff retention.

The benefits of supporting your teams and individuals is immense for all concerned. Nicky can design a program that best suits your team’s needs and time frame offering introductory workshops, ongoing class series, and individual coaching and support. This can be in person or virtually with support information shared in various formats such as video, audio, and text.

Some of the short and long term benefits of learning and applying these practical skills are:

  • Stress release and prevention/recovery from burn-out
  • Improved immunity and better resistance to illness
  • Better sleep and feeling less tired during the day
  • Less reactive and less anxious/worried
  • More productive – accomplishing more in the day with less effort and stress
  • Increased energy
  • More relaxed
  • Improved relationships and interpersonal skills
  • Better at problem solving and turning set backs into opportunities
  • Able to achieve goals that felt out of reach
  • Helping to manage and reduce chronic pain and tension

“The positive effects for me have been understanding the vital importance of the breath not only for life, but also the beneficial aspects for health.  This has an impact on my general well-being and has encouraged me to live a better lifestyle.  The ‘blissful’ state that I leave with after a class stays with me through to the morning.  What lasts longer, is the knowledge of how to get back to this state through practising at home.”

Tino rawe ēnei mahi mo taku hauora.  Kia mārie, kia ngāwari, kia ora.”

Sha – Yoga Student