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Breathing Workshops for you and your Team

Do you want to support and enhance your employees well-being? High performing companies understand the value and importance of their people, and how their health and positivity improves creativity, productivity, and staff retention.

Life and work is busy for everyone. Whilst we can’t always remove these demands, we can improve the way we manage them.

Image of Nicky of Yoga Marlborough

A significant percentage of the population has some form of breathing dysfunction that is adversely impacting their physical and mental health. We can all learn to breathe better.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Stress release and prevention/recovery from burn-out
  • Improved immunity and better resistance to illness
  • Better sleep and feeling less tired during the day
  • Less reactive and anxious
  • More productive – accomplishing more in the day with less effort and stress
  • Increased energy and better fitness
  • Helping to manage and reduce chronic pain and tension
  • More relaxed and accepting
  • Improved relationships and interpersonal skills
  • Better at problem solving and turning set backs into opportunities
  • Improved mental and physical health

The programs are offered typically as a two part workshop, a few days or a week apart to allow time for integration, feedback, and review of session 1 as well as to go deeper into the ways the breath can be utilised for health and performance.

A simple assessment tool is used so each participant is able to be advised on the best practices to implement that will be most suited to their current and evolving needs.

Workshops can also be arranged online if this works better for your team.

In this video Nicky discusses some of the benefits of having a Team Breathing Workshop.

Individual sessions can be incorporated as a follow-up for those who need longer term support and these can also form part of an EAP offering. I work with individuals dealing with many different issues ranging from stress, grief, pain, anxiety and depression, asthma, sleep disturbances (such as insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea), attention and focus issues, racing mind, trauma, as well as those simply wanting to improve their fitness and perform better to excel in their work and personal lives.

Give Nicky a call on +64 21 0259 2428 to discuss your needs and also if you have a community group, sports team or similar that would like to improve the way they breathe and manage their energy and mental state. It will be my great pleasure to support you.

“At the time I joined I had a lot going on with work and education and was pretty stressed out. I thought this class might help and while it was really hard to make the time I’m really pleased I did. I found time to relax and recentre, I genuinely think it helped my mental health at a time when I was quite overloaded.”


“The concept of a breathing workshop seemed unfamiliar, scary and foreign to me before the sessions but I found them very interesting, informational, enjoyable and laid-back. The sessions taught me easy techniques I can reflect back on and continue to use in my day to day life to improve my breathing and overall mental/emotional/physical health and I think a breathing class would benefit anyone else in these same ways. Most people assume they know how to breathe, me included, but after doing the exercises I realized I had plenty of room for improvement (and now I know how I can improve).


“It is super interesting and beneficial even just to learn the facts about how breathing properly/not properly impacts your everyday life as well as learning easy practices you can do. I was surprised to learn the importance of always breathing through the nose.”

Greta Bauer

“The positive effects for me have been understanding the vital importance of the breath not only for life, but also the beneficial aspects for health.  This has an impact on my general well-being and has encouraged me to live a better lifestyle. 

Tino rawe ēnei mahi mo taku hauora.  Kia mārie, kia ngāwari, kia ora.”


The benefits of supporting your teams and individuals is immense for all concerned. Nicky can design a program that best suits your team’s needs and time frame offering introductory workshops, ongoing class series, and individual coaching and support. This can be in person or virtually with support information shared in various formats such as video, audio, and text.