Team Breathing Workshop

Do you want to enhance your employees well-being in the workplace? This workshop will be a great addition to your health and safety programme. This workshop is equally suitable for your community group and for all ages.

I’m sure you know that your best asset at your workplace are your employees, and you know you need to look after them in order to keep your company afloat!

After learning the correct ways to breathe, your employees will know how to manage daily stress with their breath and will be more focused and efficient with the work they do for you.

After the first workshop, attendees will have learnt:

  • how to take a full and complete breath
  • how to recognise and correct negative breathing patterns
  • how to prepare for practice
  • how to combine conscious breath with conscious movement and intention
  • the link between the way you breathe and your mental state
  • clear guidelines for self-practice

“The positive effects for me have been understanding the vital importance of the breath not only for life, but also the beneficial aspects for health.  This has an impact on my general well-being and has encouraged me to live a better lifestyle.  The ‘blissful’ state that I leave with after a class stays with me through to the morning.  What lasts longer, is the knowledge of how to get back to this state through practising at home.”

Tino rawe ēnei mahi mo taku hauora.  Kia mārie, kia ngāwari, kia ora.”

Sha – Yoga Student