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Private Breathing Classes (Buteyko, Pranayama, Relaxation)

Would you like to improve the way you breathe, feel less breathless during exercise, be able to take a satisfying breath, and reduce your stress levels?

In this private class, you will be gently guided to understand the ways your thoughts and breath are interlaced. You will learn relaxation and understand the respiratory science that drives the pattern of your unconscious breathing. Importantly, you will learn how to change that unconscious pattern so you are breathing functionally all the time. During rest, exercise and sleep.

There are three main reasons you might decide to come to a private breathing class:

  • To reduce symptoms of breathing related issues (these are many ranging from asthma and allergies, to sleep problems, to anxiety, stress and cardiovascular issues, as well as chronic physical and mental health conditions)
  • To increase fitness, endurance, performance and recovery during sport or exercise (and competition)
  • For spiritual growth and deeper connection to Self using the breath as a tool for more subtle experiences and to direct and regulate the mind

Symptoms such as coughing, allergies, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, stress, anxiety, racing mind, trauma and PTSD can be reduced or alleviated through functional breathing. And breathing exercises are also supportive for cardiovascular health, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and a range of other conditions.

How can the breath help in so many ways? It is because we breathe constantly every minute for 24 hours a day and this is affecting our body and our mind. But as we typically don’t breathe well it is keeping us in a perpetual cycle of self generated stress. When we are in a state of stress many body systems are compromised such as our immune system, digestion, sex drive, and higher cognitive functioning.

The aim of these classes is to make permanent positive change to your breathing patterns so you are breathing better ALL of the time. This has huge implications for our health and happiness.

The aim of these classes is to make permanent positive change to your breathing patterns so you are breathing better ALL of the time. This has huge implications for our health and happiness.

Many of us breathe too fast and too hard. This is like an invisible epidemic. We can’t see it but it’s happening all around us.

Some people breathe through an open mouth (this can happen when talking, exercising, and during sleep but can also simply be a chronic habit, the more we do it the more our nasal airways will be compromised).

This kind of breathing keeps us in a constant state of stress suppressing our immunity, digestion, sexual function, higher cognition function, and fitness. It reduces oxygen uptake to the brain and working muscles. It sends a message to our brain we aren’t safe. In this state our sleep is affected and we don’t get the restorative sleep that is essential for our wellbeing.

Once you learn how to control your breathing, you will be able to slow down, take charge of your mind, and draw yourself into the present moment helping you to be more calm, relaxed and energised. In this state you can manage the demands of life more easily and see the opportunity in set backs rather than feeling frustrated or reactive.

The classes are tailored to best support you where you are at and include teaching you how to relax deeply. The teachings are introduced in a way to allow you to apply them in your day to day life.

These classes are also perfect for those using the breath as a tool for deeper meditation, personal growth, and greater self awareness and presence. Ultimately our stability is grounded in our wholeness and recognition that we are not separate from the world around us. When we feel that separation we suffer.

If you’re new to breathing practice and feel slightly nervous at the prospect of joining a group class or if you simply want to deepen your existing breathing practice with some one-on-one support, a private breathing class is definitely for you!

Classes can be arranged in person in Blenheim, Marlborough or online. It is recommended to attend at least 4 sessions to allow time for integration and support as you learn and introduce practices to improve the way you breathe and overcome any dysfunctions or issues related to your breath. It will typically take a few weeks to make permanent changes to get your breathing both functional and on the way to being more optimal.

Nicky has a deep knowledge and personal experience of using the breath and utilises the science and research methodology of Buteyko Breathing as well as knowledge drawn from the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Nicky sitting pointing at nose with eyes closed