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11 Days of Meditation: On Demand Series

11 Days of Kirtan Kriya Meditation with Whole-life Assessment

Welcome! I am so glad you have found your way to this page and are keen to try an 11 day practice of Kirtan Kriya Meditation.

Here’s what one student said about the experience.

Meditation is for everyone!

Meditation helps us release stress, regulate our thoughts, navigate change and uncertainty, rest deeply, sleep better, be more productive and positive, have more energy and more!

Meditation is a practice. We understand the benefits by doing it.

What is Kirtan Kriya?

Kirtan Kriya is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation for navigating the cycles of life, allowing us to face challenges and change, and to help in establishing and maintaining supportive habits. It is often referred to as a ‘medical meditation’ due to its proven positive impact on the brain and nervous system.

Research into Kirtan Kriya has shown it to reverse memory loss; increase energy levels; improve sleep quality; reduce inflammation; activate the brain; reduce depression; and to increases telomerase, the rejuvenating enzyme that slows cell aging.

The practice of Kirtan Kriya uses sound, mental focus, and dynamic movement of the fingers. It is a healing meditation that brings a dramatic increase in blood flow to the brain especially to those areas related to memory, mood, and anti-ageing.

Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga said that Kirtan Kriya not only stops you getting dementia but it brings you to another dimension!

This 11 day series is suitable for beginners and for experienced meditators. You could also give this program as a gift to a friend or family member.

Making time for yourself is a gift to you and everyone around you too.

Part of the daily practice is a check in to a different area of life each day to see where we are at and to see where we might want to put a little more focus.

“I love the life check in aspect, it reminds me to view my world widely and resets my perspective. I’m more balanced and my perspective is wider than when I started the course. I also noticed my body was better able to cope with stressors.”

Ruth Lingham, New Zealand

What do I get for my investment?

Access to a private webpage with 11 daily videos, a daily area of life contemplation, whole-life assessment and other bonus materials.

Daily videos are 30-40 minutes in duration

Recordings were made in November 2022 as part of a live 11 day meditation program run virtually

Lifetime access to the private webpage with all materials (so you can complete the 11 days multiple times if you want to)

Investment is NZ $45*

*This series of classes is available for a single user/household. Please purchase another subscription if you would like to share with others.

If in New Zealand you can pay by direct bank transfer to A/C # 03-0599-0517777-000 (use your name as a reference and email me at so I can send you the access).

If outside New Zealand or if you prefer to pay by credit/debit card/Paypal use the links below.

Hi I am Nicky and I am so happy to share with you this wonderful meditation Kirtan Kriya with you. It has been with me these past 20 years and has helped me through many good times and difficult times.

When I first encountered Kundalini Yoga back in Bangkok in 2001 I remember hearing that the times ahead would be increasingly turbulent and people would be in a lot of pain and will be suffering. Our daily sadhana and practice will be what sustains and supports us and those around us.

Kundalini Yoga and this meditation offer us a natural and holistic way to maintain and hold our calm and peaceful centre as we navigate the cycles of life. We learn not to expect permanence in an impermanent world. We shift, change, and adapt as the world around us constantly shifts.

We remain awake, aware, and present. We act through compassion and realise that the other person is us.

I hope you will enjoy these 11 days of Kirtan Kriya as much as I enjoyed sharing them.


Do I need any meditation experience?

No it’s not necessary. Anyone who is interested in meditation and in improving the quality of their life can join. And if you do already meditate regularly you can still benefit from joining this 11 day practice

What if I can’t concentrate or get easily distracted?

Meditation is a practice. Sometimes we lose concentration. Or get uncomfortable. Or feel bored. We don’t necessarily feel ‘blissful’ when we meditate. Thoughts can arise and that is OK. Meditation is about sticking to your practice, noticing the thoughts and then coming back again.

How long is the Kirtan Kriya Meditation?

We practice an 11 minute version of Kirtan Kriya chanting in three voices: the voice of the world (out loud) the voice of the lover or longing to belong (whisper) and the voice of the divine (silent) whilst using an active moving mudra (finger positions) and mental focus.

Even if you have an active and busy mind the different aspects of this Kriya allow you to become very present and focused and to maintain your concentration relatively easily.

What if I’m too busy?

Ask yourself if this is really true. Or what could you stop doing or do less of to make time to meditate? Have you heard the saying “you need to meditate at least 20 minutes a day. That is if you are too busy. Then you need to meditate for at least an hour a day!”. Meditation creates time for us in fact. This is because you become less stressed, more efficient and productive and are more likely to spend time on what really matters.

How long is each daily video session?

Each session is 30-40 minutes long.

Each class includes a tune in with mantra, breathing and movement as well as focus on a different area of life each day (you can choose to take a simple assessment of these areas prior to the 11 days and again after the 11 days).

How will I receive the videos and what other content is included?

Once you sign up and pay you will receive access to a private webpage containing all 11 videos. Also included is an explanation about the mantras used (along with audios explaining the mantras used for tuning in), link to download the Whole-life Assessment, guidelines to help you prepare for practice, and other bonus materials to support your 11 day journey.

Can I continue the practice for longer than 11 days?

Yes, you can. Use the videos to continue longer or continue on your own once you have established the practice. You have ongoing access to the videos. So keep going!

Got more questions?

Want to check in with me before you make the decision to sign up? No problem, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Email me at or send me a DM on Instagram @yogamarlborough